Changelog 11/17/22
Hey Experts! Big, new changelog coming at you this week. Please take a look below at the exciting new stuff we have coming out! If you don’t read it, we’ll know. And we’ll cry.
Top Mentors
  • Introducing Top Mentors, a badge that appears on Expert profiles if an Expert is in the Top 10% of their game and have completed a Session Summary after most of their sessions
  • Badges will be visible on Expert Profiles as well as Discovery pages
  • Top Mentors will get two scoops of ice cream instead of one at any future Metafy event
  • Top Mentors will be featured more on social media and email campaigns
  • The duration for Top Mentor will be 1 month, based on if the Expert hits the criteria in the previous month
Session Summaries 1.11 - Now in Chat!
  • Session Summaries now appear in chat for both experts and students when a summary is submitted
  • The most recent Session Summary will now show in the Up-Next Card for both experts and students to easily reference what they worked on in the last session before the next session starts
  • A new Summary modal view and page for easier functionality and better UI/UX experience for both experts and students
  • Experts can now copy a specific summary as a link/url and send to their students for easy reference
Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix: Written session summary button bug was fixed when choosing this type of summary
  • Fix: UI misalignment on iOS web browser
  • Improvement: On Expert profile, when you click to Ongoing from Sessions tab (and vice versa) it sent you back up to the top of the page. This now tabs in place for a better user experience.
  • Improvement: When I request a reschedule with my Expert, the Session Detail page says “Pending reschedule confirmation from you”, which was not accurate. It now says “Pending reschedule confirmation from [expert_name]”
  • Improvement: The first Training plans on the game pages is scaled into a banner block above the rest of the training plans, unless a featured banner is selected
  • Improvement: We’ve added our Footer on all non-dashboard pages, including logged in users too
  • New: We are actively investigating the strange energy signatures in our system. I’m sure it’s fine
  • New: Added a 'Trending Experts' block to the game page, the order is based on Experts who have a session purchased most recently go to the top
  • New: Facebook Login has now been added
  • New: The login and account creation modal has been refreshed. More updates related to this down the line so keep your eyes open!
Changelog 11/8/22
Hello Metafy World,
New updates and releases for you today to check out below!
New Game Page Refresh!
- Design revamp for all Game Pages following new styling (including the Collections pages and Show all pages)
New In-Feature Survey
- You might
occasionally have a feature survey popup in the platform. Just so you can tell us what you think of a specific feature, if you like or it or not! And don’t worry, you can easily skip it if you don’t want to give feedback
- We are starting this with our 'Session Summary' feature
Improvements and Fixes
- Chat will now auto start between the students and experts, if the student is lucky enough to win a session. The code will be automatically injected into the chat itself and the expert can then also see who has won
Changelog 10/26/22
Fixes and Improvements
  • New: Added platform tracking to chat actions to help analyze and improve it
  • New: Added platform tracking to Expert Metrics feature to help analyze and improve it
  • Fix: Add fall-back, default image to Expert profiles when error occurs
  • Fix: Tipping at checkout now displays as normal tip amount, rather than ‘…’ when using 100% discount code or free lesson
  • Improvement: For both student and expert dashboards, we now link both the avatar and student/coach name to their appropriate profiles. Like we just did with chat
  • Improvement: Chat area now expands if you type more than one line, as well as it not overlapping with gif or emoji icons
  • Improvement: The expert onboarding application now has a new (optional) freeform text field in Step 3 (Achievements) for experts to include addition information about themselves
  • Improvement: Returning students will no longer be forced to answer the ‘Goal’ and ‘Custom Questions' when purchasing a Live Session, however, new students (of the coach) will still be required to fill it out first time round
  • Improvement: Automatically hide 'Provide payout details' task on expert dashboard if a payout has been made
  • Improvement: Increase size of banners on expert profiles (changed from 1024px to 1440px)
Changelog 10/6/22
Hey Experts, find some cover! Another fast changelog coming at you.
Video Testimonials Refresh
  • Did a little refreshing of the UI to match our new styling
  • Updated the way it looks from multiple pages so your eyes feel great about it.
  • Re-ordered how testimonials are listed in Settings
  • We put the “Featured testimonials” up on top and the “Received testimonials” down below
  • Clicking ‘View All’ now leads you to the ‘View All’ page from Settings
  • Added a few moments of delight with our message designs
  • Grouped testimonials together in the Expert Dashboard
Fixes and Improvements
  • Now the Replay Review UI looks just as snazzy as the rest of the 3.0 branding and styling!
  • Inactive Experts (no orders or completed sessions for the past 6 months) are now hidden from Discovery/Search. A new order or completed session causes them to reappear. This is what the magician told our lawyers anyway.
  • We trimmed the settings page and gave it a new fresh look. No change to what settings are available or how they work, just the navigation structure.
  • New: Add new optional 'Cap' for Metafy generated promo % Discount codes
  • Now you can let students know when Replay Reviews and Session Summaries are complete! (Tasks) Notifications like these make good chemicals happen in the students’ brain houses.
  • Updated: Gift Card page and purchase has been removed
  • Fix: Clicking on any comment for replay reviews will now jump to the correct point within the video timeline. (SEE? WE LISTEN!)
  • Fix: Student can no longer reschedule/cancel on 'Up next' and 'session details page' once the session is in progress
  • Fix: Bug in session summaries expert profile 'View all’ right side column did not fit in layout
Changelog 9/28/22
Hey Experts, a big release coming at you today. Lots of exciting stuff in this one. Maybe there’s a coded message about where to find buried treasure, who knows? Biggest news first: Written Session Summaries!
Session Summaries 1.1 - Written Summaries!
  • Now in the platform: The ability to give your students written/text summaries after each session
  • As mentioned in early announcements, even though we love your faces, we are no longer supporting video session summaries on the platform
  • You will now be able to give a written or audio (unchanged) summary within the Metafy platform
  • When performing a text written summary, simply highlight the text to format your response with rich text functionality (bold, underline, italicized, hyperlinking, unordered bullets, and order bullets)
  • We now expose the Session Summary as soon as the session itself starts on your dashboard so you can starting writing a summary in real time
  • We save your session summary progress so you can come back and submit it at a later time when life gets busy
Expert Profile & Session Detail Refresh
  • Updated: Visual UI and layout visual refresh for expert profiles and session detail pages
  • New: Student profiles will be visible for experts who have been booked to have all information about the student in one place
  • The real buried treasure is in your heart
  • New: Expert profiles now have a ‘Ongoing’ tab which will show details related to purchases or summaries about the student who is logged in
  • New: Ability to add a reason why a student is vouching for an expert
Library Refresh
  • New design, following on from 3.0 styling and branding
  • Removed the ‘Tags’ system which are being removed to avoid tech debt
  • Added/updated new ‘Drafts’ tab, which will automatically generate a draft replay review when you create one from the Uploads tab so a student can easily create them
  • Ability to multi-select and delete videos as well as drafts
Fixes and Improvements
  • New: Pulse Clan team landing page, for any of your Rocket League students!
  • Updated: Messaging in email to students who vouched for an accepted Expert
  • Updated: Added terms of service to logged in experience for users as well, both on the expert and student side. They are linked under the ? in the top nav bar
  • Updated: The ‘Connect Discord’ is now full screen and matches the flow redesign
  • Fix: Links in FAQ section on the Home Page are more responsive now and function properly on different screen sizes
  • Fix: YouTube ‘Replay Review’ video now shows in front of navigation menu rather than behind it
  • Fix: Image border radius styling on Expert profile. We gave the mobile browser border radius a little room to flex for size difference so the images cards look more similar to that on desktop
  • Fix: Dashboard Remove replay review from 'Up next' in dashboard
  • Fix: Student should no longer be able to re-submit videos/cancel/reschedule once Expert accepts a Replay Review through the dashboard
  • Fix: Expert Reschedule acceptance is no longer showing for student in Dashboard
  • Fix: Pending reschedule waiting for acceptance is now showing for Experts
  • Fix: The ‘Student Stats’ on Expert > Manage, should no longer go into negative numbers
  • Fix: Wallet page button overlapping is now fixed
  • Fix: Clicking on a Replay Review comment now goes to the correct timestamp in the video
  • Fix: After login or create account you will remain on the page you were already on rather than being directed to the home or dashboard
Changelog 8/10/22
Hello Experts, another action packed Changelog coming at you today. If you disappeared tomorrow, how long would it take before somebody noticed? Oh sorry, pasted some text from my journal here. Anyway, see details below!
New Sessions Discover Page
  • A new Discover page so both students and Experts can more easily Discover the coaching they are looking for
  • Includes our top Games, Experts, and Training Plans
  • Saves you time on searching! What will you use all this extra time for?! Probably contemplating the futility of existence or maybe that’s just me.
  • You can find this new Coaching Discover page in the left nav bar directly under the main Discover page
  • Hint: Just look for the remote control icon :)
Dashboard Refresh
  • Tweaked buy credit/refer a friend sections + Tweak total revenue section
  • New specific popup when an Expert receives a new testimonial
  • Fix testimonial clicking into the testimonial with the chevron
  • On the dashboard, if an expert has a testimonial they can now go to it
  • Updated filters and tabs in coaching section, now includes training plans
Purchase Flow & Redemption Refresh
  • Whole new & beautiful experience going full width. No more popup modal! Friendship ended with popup modal now full width is my best friend.
  • Matched up all the UI to our new 3.0 style
Navigation improvements
  • Collapsible navbar for specific pages such as the Gift Card page
  • Sidebar ‘manage’ new dropdown for coaches
  • Fix: Can now more easily find the “Login” and “Become Expert” links on medium size screens
  • Fix: Menu now displays properly on desktop and mobile on Safari (Mac os)
Changelog 7/21/22
Hi ​Experts,
We wanted to share this quick changelog with you all as we’ve released some follow up fixes from our big Metafy 3.0 launch recently.
Please read some of the highlights below!
New Discover Page
  • The top banner on our new Discover page has undergone some visual improvements
  • Fixed some responsive and pixel issues on content cards
Dashboard Improvements and Fixes
  • Updated and fixed some filter functionality
  • Adding in some new designs for empty states
  • Session Summaries are now defined in the Dashboard and do not show as 'undefined' anymore
  • Fixed warning toast error on all pages
Navigation Revamp Improvements and Fixes
  • Search functionality was fixed
  • Revamped top right nav menu with new parts and improvements
Coaching Settings Improvements and Fixes
  • UI refresh for Availability Settings, Training Plans and Lesson Settings
Other Improvements and Fixes
  • Discord server button now shown properly in mobile view
  • Improved responsiveness on both the Expert Profile and Game Page
  • Some smaller UI bug fixes and spacing issues
Changelog 7/7/22
Hello Experts!
Put your learning hats on, because there’s big changes coming for the Metafy platform. We are in the processing of revamping EVERYTHING: from new, better design to updated features to new pages and more! We even gave Meaty an earring (they’re going through a phase). Please read below for further important details.
Metafy 3.0 - Phase 1
The platform refresh part 1 (of at least 2 but probably more). Phase 1 includes:
  • New Navigation Revamp
  • A design refresh and new changes coming to your dashboards (for both students and experts)
  • New and improved chat functionality
  • New ‘My Students’ page for experts to better view their students
  • Removed the Chamber of Screams from the website (it was a page just filled with anguished screams and we have no idea how it got there)
  • Updated and refreshed My Coaching Settings
  • New Discover page when you login (for both students and experts)
  • Refreshed Search Design
Expert Application and Onboarding Follow Ups
  • We’ve now added TikTok and Instagram to expert profiles and our application process for more robust social capture
  • Experts can now add TikTok to Coach Settings → About → Social Profiles
  • We’ve now made vouches a mandatory step in the application process and gave them a very clear/prompted step in the application process
  • We now prompt and encourage new experts to join the Metafy Discord server cuz that’s where the action is
Fixes and Improvements
  • Improvement: When picking a coach from the Pick a Coach button for Replay Reviews, we now show an image with updated copy ‘Fetching Available Coaches’ while the site loads
  • Improvement: Experts can now add their Discord server to show up on their profile - plus, all social icons now have a hover state with the name of the platform they’re linking to
  • Improvement: We’ve updated the copy when Referring a Friend to make it super clear to users. When you invite a friend, it now reads "Spend more than $10 & you'll receive a nice $10 credit reward when you book and complete your very first lesson!"
  • Fix: Added some missing padding in 'Optional' badge in checkout for consistency
  • Fix: Fixed bug of overlapping text on the bottom of the Refer a Friend pop-out
  • Fix: Clicking on a purchase notification will now go to the transaction page, rather than student summary. Accepted or pending session notifications will continue to go to the session/replay review page
  • Fix: Experts will now see an error warning in their Settings when they go to save their Country of Residence if their Summary bio is too long. Please shorten your summary to less than 130 characters to then be able to save your Country for wallet cash outs
Changelog 6/16/22
Hey Experts, new changelog coming at you again!
New Feature - Expert Metrics
We’ve launched a new feature called Expert Metrics. This is a metrics dashboard that will give you greater insight into your business and how you are performing as a coach on Metafy!
  • When you log into your Metafy account, you will now see a new metrics card on your main dashboard. In the top right rail of your dashboard, you’ll see a card title ‘Top X% of Expert’ and clicking the yellow View button will expand into a detailed view of your metrics.
  • Your ‘Top X% of Experts’ metric on Metafy is calculated as: the average of all 3 metrics below across all your games for the past 12 months. It has nothing to do with how often you send us baked goods. We tried to make that a measurement but they said no.
  • You will see 3 metrics we now report on and show you as part of this new pop out dashboard.
Lessons - which is calculated as the number of lessons completed over the selected time period
Revenue - which is calculated as the amount of revenue generated over the selected time period
Repeat Students - which is calculated as how many students have had repeat sessions vs only one session
  • A 4th metric, ‘suitability as a human vessel for the demon lord Paimon,’ is in the planning stages
Note: For the first 2 metrics listed, Lessons and Revenue, you will be able to filter by game and by month. However, the % Repeat Students, will only be listed as over the past 12 months or 1 year. You will NOT be able to filter by this metric.
Additionally, success resources will pop up under your metrics to share strategies and best practices to turn things back up if your metrics happen to be declining. You can also easily book a session with the Expert Success Team straight from your dashboard to work on a more in-depth strategy to help you improve!
Prompt Users to Book Again
  • We added some more communication within our platform and through email to help students take the next step towards their learning goals
  • Now, after a live session or session from a training plan completes, we will be sending students both platform notifications and emails to help prompt them to take the next step in their learning when they come back into their dashboard or check their email post lesson
  • Students will receive these notifications and emails to purchase their next session or training plan after the final lesson they have left is completed
  • Students will also receive a different set of notifications and emails to redeem and schedule their next lesson with you if they have more left to redeem
  • These are to help remind and assist the student in continuing their training with your excellent Experts expeditiously
Country Settings
  • Experts now must input and select their country of residence in the Settings section for tax purposes
  • This means that all Experts will need to fill out the setting before they
    can withdraw money
    from Metafy (That’s a big deal cuz money is important)
  • You will receive an error message (similar to the screenshot below) until you add your country of residence to your account. This can be done under Settings → About → Personal Info block
Fixes and Improvements
  • Improvement: To make it super clear to our users that $0 lessons are really Free, we’ve updated the copy to say Free now instead of $0 on lessons in the platform
  • Fix: Remove ‘Replay Review’ checkbox from the custom questions settings, as they’re already not visible
  • Fix: When logged in as a Student or logged out completely, you can now view the Reschedule / Cancelation policies, Availability, and Pricing details that an Expert has setup in the top card of their profile
  • Fix: For Experts with long user names, their name no longer extends outside of its designated box card in the booking flow
  • Continued A/B Testing: If you see a new ‘tip this coach’ option at checkout, that’s us doing a trial run to gather data! Be not afraid
Changelog 6/1/22
Hi Experts,
We’ve got a fresh changelog coming at you and this is definitely one you wanna read. You should read all of them but especially this one, cuz the new availability limits feature is pretty cool. We worked really hard on it. Pls.
New Feature Alert - Availability Limits
  • We launched a new feature called Availability Limits to help you control your schedule, your time, and your quality of life
  • You will now be able to set a maximum (total) number of hours per day that you want to coach. You can enable this setting and toggle it on from the Availability settings page
  • Setting a max daily limit is totally optional. You can choose to have no limit (make ‘em say uhhhh, that’s a Master P reference. Damn I’m old).
  • This is set-up and enabled PER DAY, so you can set a max number of hours some days and not others
  • When your max limit is reached for that day (congrats, you superstar), the time period becomes unavailable for additional live lesson bookings for students. Students will not be able to book anything further with you for that day
  • You will see the max number of hours you set per day (if any) next to your daily Availability windowimage
Fixes and Improvements
  • Improvement: When creating an account, users must now agree to our community guidelines upon account creation process. Nowhere in this agreement does it say we can steal your organs. Our lawyers took that part out.
  • Improvement: When a user is logged out on an Expert’s profile page, the user is kept on that same profile page after login vs. returning them to the account dashboard
  • Improvement: Now, on an Expert’s profile, the game icon and entire game name are both clickable and will lead you to that specific game page
  • Improvement: Chat functionality in platform now supports sending hyperlinks (those are links that had a lot of sugar before bedtime)
  • Improvement: Homepage will now feature Experts automatically once they go live so they appear in game pages
  • Improvement: Enhancements to the Lesson Bundle block (we’ve added Expert avatar, profile link, a “read more information” button and what game the lesson was booked for)
  • Improvement: Change order of Replay Reviews and Live Lessons on expert profiles so Live Lessons show up first
  • Improvement: Displaying hyperlinks on expert about, FAQ and lessons/training plan descriptions
  • Fix: Expert profiles with long text bios and summaries now stay within their section and do not break into an overlay
  • Fix: When scheduling a live session, closing the calendar modal will go back a step instead of closing and losing the whole module
  • Fix: Video player in Replay Reviews no longer shows a spinning icon for YouTube videos as well as skipping forwards and back works without any bugs
  • Fix: Bug when scrolling by 1 frame or 1 second is now fixed in Replay Review video player
  • Fix: Dates in Media Vault now show the date they were uploaded rather than today's date
  • Fix: Decrease character limit to 130 characters (in expert summary) to hide the '...' at the end in game pages
If you see a new ‘tip this coach’ option at checkout, that’s us doing a trial run to gather data! Be not afraid.
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